Angus Business Connections – ABC

Community First UK and Dundee SEN are working in partnership to deliver the Angus Business Connections (ABC) project which aims to bring people together for support and training. ABC will listen and provide opportunities for peer support, specialist advice, training events and mentoring as well as create new business collaborations. Supporting micro, small & social

River South Esk Catchment Partnership

The River South Esk Catchment Partnership is a voluntary partnership that has delivered environmental, social and economic projects in the catchment for a decade. Over the next five years, in partnership, we aim to deliver rural and urban tourism related projects, encourage rural diversification and promote the wealth of wildlife sites, visitor attractions and unique

Dundee Social Enterprise Network

Angus Business Connections is a partnership between Community First (Carol Malone and Pauline Lockhart) and Dundee Social Enterprise Network (Susan Smith). The project has 2 years of LEADER funding to support SME, micro business and social enterprises in Angus. This will take the shape of peer to peer learning events, one to one business support,