Angus in Scotland is renowned for its natural beauty and rich agricultural heritage. Among its many delights are our soft fruits, bursting with flavour and perfect for a taste of the region: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Honeyberries all grow in abundance in Angus.

Our berry growers are passionate about producing the finest quality fruit. They are not only committed to supplying fresh berries to supermarkets and shops, but also to providing berries to other local businesses. This allows you to experience the taste of Angus in various ways:

  • Distilleries and Breweries: Angus berries are finding their way into fruit liqueurs, gins, and even beers, adding a touch of local sweetness to these beverages.
  • Bakers and Jam Makers: Local bakeries and jam makers use Angus berries to create delicious jams, tarts, cakes, and other treats. A local Strawberry Tart is not to be missed!
  • Bars, Cafes & Restaurants: Look out for Angus berries on menus at local venues where chefs incorporate them into scrumptious desserts and bar tenders make creative cocktails.
  • Farm Shops & Independent Retailers: You’ll find local Angus berries on the shelves of farm shops & small retailers across the region., alongside other delicious products made with these nutritious berries.

From farm shops and pick-your-own experiences to cafes serving delicious berry treats and restaurants creating exquisite dishes, Angus offers a delightful array of ways to enjoy our berries. Visit farm shops to pick up the freshest berries, or head to a pick-your-own farm for a fun and rewarding experience.

By supporting local Angus berry growers and businesses, you’re not only enjoying the taste of Scotland, but also contributing to the region’s vibrant food & drink community.

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