Angus Spirit Trail

The Angus Spirit tour holds many delights to be discovered.

Situated just north of Dundee, Angus is home to some breathtaking scenery, from rolling hills and glens, to sandy white beaches along the stunning coastline in the east of Scotland.

It is also home to some of the most innovative and exciting Spirit producers in Scotland who combine tradition with some modern flair to offer tasting experiences to set the tastebuds tingling. Whether you visit the groundbreaking distillery bringing you the world’s first climate positive spirits or the moonshining crew that are ripping up the rule book on the usual distillery experience, you’ll be guaranteed an Angus adventure!

Angus Spirit Trail | Tour Details — Geotourist

Map to the 6 featured locations

  1. Ogilvy Distillery 
  2. Toll House Spirits
  3. Arbikie Distillery
  4. Gin Bothy
  5. Angus Alchemy
  6. Carnoustie Distillery