3rd Sector Food Projects

Angus Up-Cycling Project


The Angus Up-cycling project breathes new life into small items of furniture for re-sale. For people from all backgrounds to learn new skills and at the same time reduce waste and help the environment.

Forfar Open Garden


Forfar Open Garden is a Resistered Charity.

It is a garden for all to visit and enjoy . An inclusive space for people to garden alongside other people and with a particular focus on the health benefits of working with plants. The garden is run by Forfar Open Garden Scheme Trust . We rely mostly on the work of volunteers and are always looking for help whether it is a half hours weeding , help with our watering or helping us provide opportunities for people who need support to volunteer in the garden by gardening alongside in a mentoring role . It is somewhere you can find green space and relax.

Hope Organic Garden


We are a charity helping adults with learning disabilities to garden organically. We also have a shop where we sell the organic vegetables and fruit.

HOPE is an environmentally friendly charitable project providing training and work experience for people with learning disabilities living in Angus. HOPE was set up on the grounds of Hospitalfield House, Westway, Arbroath with the kind support of The Patrick Allan-Fraser of Hospitalfield Trust.

We aim to improve opportunities for social, educational and recreational activities for the identified group of people living in the local area, and to provide the local community with a reliable source of organically grown fruit, vegetables and herbs.
We have a team of 3 staff and 20 volunteers working throughout the year to:
provide training and work experience opportunities for people with learning disabilities living in the Angus area
improve opportunities for social, educational and recreational activities for these learning-disabled people
offer the local community a reliable source of organically grown fruit and vegetables
The garden is run by a full-time Garden Manager and 2 part-time Garden Development Workers, ably assisted by our gardening volunteers.
We have a shop at the garden to sell our organically produced fruit and vegetables, a comprehensive range of bedding plants in season, and lots of other garden plants, bulbs and shrubs.



S-Mart is Angus’s first Social Supermarket.

Our vision is to tackle food insecurity and reduce food waste in our local communities.

We can achieve this by using surplus, over ordered and “no longer stocked” food from big chain supermarkets and local food suppliers.

Too many people are using foodbanks in Angus, too many people struggle to afford their weekly food bill, yet fresh, fully in-date, quality food is thrown away in bulk because of faulty labelling or over-ordering by the big supermarkets.

We want to take the mountain of surplus food currently wasted in Angus each year and create a supermarket with a social impact.