At Appetite for Angus, we’re passionate about showcasing the incredible local producers who are shaping our region’s food scene. Today, we turn the spotlight on Angus Growers, and their marketing partner Angus Soft Fruits, a leading name in berries and their dedication to sustainable practices across their entire operation. Their commitment has been recognised not only by us, but also by the industry, with Angus Soft Fruits being shortlisted as a finalist in the forthcoming Courier Food & Drink Awards in the Excellence in Sustainability category.

Sustainable from Seed to Shop

Angus Soft Fruits understands that delicious berries go hand-in-hand with responsible farming. They’ve implemented a range of initiatives to reduce their environmental impact, ensuring their delicious strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are a sustainable choice for you and your family.

  • Reduced Food Waste: The growers have significantly cut back on food waste with a goal of reducing this by 50% by 2030. Part of this has been through donating punnets of surplus fruit to FareShare. Since the beginning of their partnership with FareShare, Angus Soft Fruits has donated 57 tonnes of fruit which has helped 2,151 charities, provided the equivalent of 136,000 meals, prevented 114co2e from being wasted and 153 million litres of water from going to waste.
  • Responsible Packaging: Angus Soft Fruits closely collaborate with their packaging suppliers to develop innovative punnets for their berries that contain less plastic and are 100% recyclable which has significantly minimised their plastic waste and promotes circularity in the supply chain. They’re well on the way to achieving their goal of 100% recyclable packaging by June 2024.
  • Biodiversity Champions: They actively support biodiversity by planting hedgerows and windbreaks, creating natural habitats for wildlife near their farms.

Leading the Charge in Sustainability

Angus Soft Fruits’ and Angus Growers commitment goes beyond these key initiatives. All Angus Growers members will be Leaf Marque Certified, a rigorous programme that recognises sustainable farming practices, by April 2024 with Angus Soft Fruits rolling this out to their wider global network of growers.

Since 2013, the carbon footprint per tonne of soft fruit across their growers has been cut by an impressive 30%. Additionally, working in partnership with Sharpak and Waddington Europe, they have introduced the SPA Airlite and MonoAir punnets, which removes the need for non recyclable bubble pads within their Strawberry punnets, removing 35 tonnes of plastic from the supply chain – the equivalent weight of 6 elephants!


A Sustainable Future for Angus

Angus Growers and Angus Soft Fruits’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond their farms and packhouses. They collaborate with partners throughout the supply chain to promote responsible practices. Their dedication to ethical sourcing and fair treatment of workers further exemplifies their commitment to a sustainable future for everyone involved.

Supporting Sustainable Choices

By choosing Angus Soft Fruits berries, you’re not just savouring delicious, locally grown fruit, you’re supporting a company that prioritises the environment and our communities. At Appetite for Angus, we’re proud to have such a forward-thinking member leading the way in sustainable soft fruit production, one of our key industries here in Angus.

Find out more

Looking for more information on Angus Soft Fruits’ sustainability initiatives? Visit their website at https://www.angussoftfruits.co.uk/about-us/sustainability/  to learn more about their commitment to ethical and environmentally-friendly practices