Local Chefs raise a glass and take time out to gather for the first ‘Angus Chef’s Club’ meeting.

Being a Chef isn’t an easy job. The old adage that you’re only as good as your last meal makes it a pressure business where maintaining high standards is the norm for any good kitchen. No one knows that better than many of the chefs working in Angus’ restaurants. So when Appetite For Angus suggested bringing together Chefs from throughout the County for a social gathering several of them jumped at the chance.

Hospitality plays a big part in society. It enables us to engage with each other on a personal level, celebrate our successes and commiserate our losses. More than often we come together over a meal to do that and whole experience can be enhanced by the dining experience. The public enjoy the end product, but the journey to get a mouthwatering meal on your plate begins and ends with the kitchen. Which is why Chefs play an important part in our lives and making hospitality what it is.

Angus-chefs-club, Sinclairs-kitchen

Sinclair’s Kitchen; the venue for the first Angus Chef’s Club meeting

The Big Tuesday Night Out

Midweek days are often a Chef’s ‘Saturday’ so a Tuesday night get together was organised and the venue was Sinclair’s Kitchen.  Invites went out to kitchens across Angus with the offer of food and a few drinks and the chance to come together and enjoy each other’s company.

For those that welcomed the opportunity the common ground was not long in being found and as the night wore on the conversations flowed over topics as diverse as how everyone found themselves entering into the catering trade to the difficulty in getting kitchen equipment serviced. But one thing came across throughout all those conversations; the passion that each chef had for their job and the pride they had in doing it. For most Chefs it isn’t just a job, it’s a calling.

Host for the evening, Eden Sinclair, was delighted to be involved and said “it was great for chefs to meet up in person. We don’t get to see each other that often because we are always busy working away in our own kitchens. Just being in the same room together meant we were all bouncing ideas off each other coming up with ways to showcase the great food and drink produce we have in Angus.”

Angus-chefs-club, Sinclairs-kitchen

Enjoying some tastes from Sinclair’s menu

Khali Brannan from the Glen Clova Hotel agreed that “it was great being out of the kitchen and able to meet other chefs from the Angus area and hearing their views on the industry and what sort of food they all produce. Always nice to meet new people with a shared love of catering.”

Tracey Bruce from the Arbikie Distillery Visitor Centre said she ‘relished the chance to meet up and is looking forward to it becoming a regular occurrence.”

Wouter Margaroli from Rae’s in Montrose is used to having a strong community of likeminded chefs working to support each other from his time in kitchens in Amsterdam. He said “It’s great to see so much local talent coming together, exchanging ideas, suppliers, tips & tricks. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to join this group to support and enjoy this wonderfull industry we are all a part of.”

With a host of Angus restaurants, cafes and bars working hard to feed their customers and deliver a fantastic hospitality experience we think it was about time the Chefs took some time out to relax with others in the trade. Such a positive start needs to be built upon, so if you’re in the trade look out for the next gathering of the Angus Chef’s Club……

This event was sponsored by Appetite For Angus