Crohn’s, Cooking and Me

Crohn’s, Cooking & Me was established in February of this year. My husband encouraged me to start my page as a way of sharing my recipes with not only other Crohn’s Disease sufferers but to other like minded foodies.

I have a passion for our local food producers here in Angus, we literally are blessed to live here with such an abundance of beautiful produce. I also try to source as much organic foods as I can as I believe in the whole farm to fork process – what is used in the production of the product is what we consume. The less interference from chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc the more of a natural and healthy product we can enjoy at the end of the process.

I run three social media pages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and have provided a little hope to other people who live with Bowel Disease that you can enjoy tasty, colourful and healthy food again. I hope to get a website up and running along with a YouTube channel very soon.

My real passion is to connect with our local producers to create recipes to promote their produce and put Angus on the food lovers map.


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Debbie Hamilton

I’m a 46 year old mother of two, Rhyan is 23 and Sophie is 16. I am an Early Years Practitioner and work in a primary school in Angus.

I have always been a massive foodie and a passionate home cook but after becoming ill in 2018 it kind of fell by the wayside.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in June 2019 and I was devastated. As my body recovered and my medications took over I just fell out of love with food as so much of it was now filled with fear and dread wondering if this would cause pain or a flare up of my symptoms. But during lockdown and after the go ahead from my consultant l started to introduce more and more foods back into my diet to see what I was able to tolerate. It was like someone switched a light back in as I began to enjoy cooking again.

During lockdown last year I think our producers went above and beyond for people ensuring that their supply never dwindled and supporting people in a way like no other. That for me was when I decided that shopping local was the way forward. It has allowed to see what incredible food we have on our doorstep.