An event that considers how to grow your business through celebrations. Reviewing and adapting things that worked for Christmas 2021….

About this event

  • How was Christmas 2021 for your business?
  • Interested in making Christmas 2022 more successful?
  • If not Christmas, are you interested in learning about event-related initiatives that have worked for other businesses?

Then this round the table discussion could be for you…..

In the run up to Christmas 2021 we ran the webinar ‘Have I missed Christmas?’ where we explored some of the current key trends in the food & drink and related tourism sector and how businesses can embrace these to maximise interest and sales. We also looked at e-commerce opportunities. This webinar was supported by a blog on the Appetite for Angus website: https://www.appetiteforangus.com/2021/12/06/have-i-missed-christmas/

At this informal event we’ll look at festive related initiatives, discuss successful activities and what we can learn from them. As part of this we welcome you to share new things that you have tried as a business and we can explore together how your regional food group Appetite for Angus can support you. All this with the aim of supporting your planning, developing partnerships & collaborative activities and generating ideas for celebratory events and Christmas 2022.

Whether you are planning business for celebrations or everyday trading, why not join this chat with your fellow Angus businesses.

Wednesday 23 February 2.30-4pm by Zoom