Balmuirfield House B&B

Balmuirfield House is a Bed and Breakfast is a four star rated B&B offering luxury accommodation on the southern boundary of Angus, just north Dundee. With one foot in the city and the other in the country, Balmuirfield House is a peaceful haven to rest and relax whilst exploring Angus or visiting the city of Dundee.

The rooms are furnished to a high standard with an emphasis on luxury and comfort. So, whether you’re touring Scotland on holiday, ¬†on business or looking for a romantic weekend getaway, Balmuirfield has a lot to offer any visitor.

All the rooms are spacious and benefit from ensuite or private bathrooms equipped with baths and showers. High quality furniture, luxurious curtains and soft furnishings add to the feeling of sheer indulgence. There is Wifi throughtout the house.


Key People
Photo of Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark

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